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Rev. Prof. Thomas Raymond Marcelin., Ph.D


Dr. Thomas R. Marcelin is an ordained minister and an educator . He was born in Haiti. However, he traveled to many countries of the world for the purpose of the gospel and academic trainings.


He is the founder, president, and pastor general of IECC CHURCH OF GOD & Revs. Drs. L.G Andre and M.A Andree MARCELIN FOUNDATION FOR MINISTRIES. Inc


Kidnapped at the age of 12, he called out to God and promised Him, if delivered from this situation, he would serve Him by sharing the message of the gospel to other people. God heard and approved his request.


In fact, he was released. It was a miracle! After High School, he went on to study Theology to receive an appropriate and a solid formation in order to fulfill his vow. He attended different institutions such as: the Church of God Biblical Seminary of Bourdon, the Theological Institute of Ministry, and the Pentecostal Theological Institute of Haiti.

A lifelong learner, he studied a lot, and graduated from  the Faculty of Ethnology (department of anthropology and sociology) and the law school of the State University of Haiti. He was  trained as a lawyer, and also a member at Cabinet International des Affaires (Private Law Offices). He taught in several schools in Haiti, among them: the Nouveau College Bird in Port-Au-Prince, College d'Education Moderne in Carrefour, and College Ajeunha in Delmas.

He pursued doctoral studies in the fields of Religion at International Seminary, and International Relations and Diplomacy at Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales, Paris France.  He is also holder of a degree in Engineering. His vision is to make the entire world know that Jesus is the Lord and He is coming back soon.


Dr. Marcelin is married, and lives with his wife Marie Solange J.C Marcelin, a licensed Master social worker, and four beautiful daughters.

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